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  • Да докоснеш тишината..АУМ!!!
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  • Усмихнатите кюфтенца в Джамбазката механа!
  • Етнографската сбирка в Джамбазката механа!


This is the homepage of the website of family hotel "Djambazkata kashta" in Govedartsi
Here you will find complete and regularly updated information about our family hotel, as well as useful information about the region of Govedartsi and its surroundings.

Thank you!
Djambazki Family

Location of Family hotel "Djambazkata kashta" in Govedartsi

The hotel is located in Govedartsi, on the main road to Maliovitsa resort, where one of the main entrances of the Rila National Park (a member of the Pan Parks' family) is situated. Govedartsi is at an altitude of 1 150m above sea level, in the charming "Valley of Iskrovete". It is only 70 km southwards from the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia.